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I believe that karma is something that you create on your own but it may not be entirely on your side. What seeds you sow in your ground are the ones that determine your life. So never say that you have a bad life because it is something that you did in past. Your past actions are accountable towards your future. I firmly believe what you do in the present would determine your future but sometime it may not work as planned. We are a part of the whole or a link in the chain. It is said that what goes around comes around.

People usually say that they are not blessed, facing hardships randomly which often demotivate them, but never forget that it is the human race that is more advanced than any other one. We are blessed with a host of gifts including a voice to speak out, faculty to express your emotions and a subtle mind. We do not know after how many sacrifices, struggles and years we got this diversified human life to live. We must thank God for getting this wonderful life where we could breathe, walk, dance and what not. One never knows where one’s karma would end up. 

People usually get disturbed with sudden changes that happen around ending up in stress and anxiety and often curse their karma for not doing enough. Remember nothing is impossible on this earth. We may think that there won’t be any rain today as there is a bright sunny sky but, all of a sudden, it starts raining without any indication. This is how karma works sometime. You won’t know what hidden transformation karma would do for your good. Everything happens for a good reason. Be a game-changer and learn how to adapt to the changes happening in your life. Karma may not be 100% with us.

 For example, one person is putting in hard work whereas another is not even giving any input or output as far as his work is concerned. Here karma blesses him with good result. So, how can you say that karma is entirely with you? It’s all fantasy things that we create in our mind believing that karma would definitely work but ends up in something else. Life is uncertain. Anything can happen; even those which we never dreamt. But somewhere karma gives you the result based on your past actions. Your life can drastically change by doing good deeds, putting in 100% hard work, being clear with your goals and loving the work you are doing. Never stop believing in yourself! As you sow, so shall you reap. It may take some time for the right crop to be ready but reap you will. 

                                                                                                                  ------Tanmeet Kaur 
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The word DREAMS itself means infinite. Its a world full of unimaginable wildy creatures. Every person on this planet have a life full of dreams and hopes. A person who have a real aspiration driven inside his soul is the one with more power and wings to chase them. One must dive down into his dreams to live with them in reality. Dream is nothing but a fantasy world where you may live freely even if your life is hard and full of pain. 

Its a land where your little inner world comes into real existence. Its all in your hands how you mould it and in what direction. Dream is like an experience involving the apparent perception of something not present giving you a way to live in an extraordinary world. Its a place where your deeply embedded feelings, emotions and inner notions are cherished irrespective of any judgment.

Dreams are like stars . You know you can never meet the stars or feel them but still have a believe to get down on it. I too have a dream which aims to fly high. A beam of a golden light shines inside my soul full of hallucinations and fantasy world which gives me hope and desire to reach that peak of level where i can see my land of dreams. This beam will never fade away until my journey is over. No matter how many steps it counts to attain that level just keep on  pushing yourself forward. I still have a hope that day is not so far where i will be living in my dreamy world. Dedication and persistent is the deadliest combination for hunting down your dreams. 

As rightly said by Matshona Dhilwayo , "it is a birds imagination, not its wings, that determines how high it can fly." There may be hundreds and thousands of hurdles on the path where you walk but never stop chasing your dreams. Grab them tightly so that they are never apart. 

Dream until your imagination runs wild giving you a belief that the world itself is a dreamland. I dream in such a way that happiness comes in my life forgetting my tears and hope for the best. When life gives you lemons make lemonade out of it which clearly states that  optimism must be turned into positivity and desire to attain something even if life gives you hundred reasons to cry. 

Up to the sky,
My dream is to fly.
Over the rainbow,
So high. 
                                                                                                                       ------Tanmeet Kaur 
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I am a little dreamy girl,

Lost in my own world.

I do not where to go,

As I was lost in my flow.

Where other children sitting home around ,

I was wandering in my battleground.

I wish to go out in streets,   

But this pandemic could greet.

Everyone on this planet aims to reach high,

Whereas there was a hope whether I could fly.

I do not know  where to go,

As I was lost in my flow.

I could not go at any ones place,

Thinking social distancing could make it waste.  

Cool breeze and chirping of birds gave a glory to this evening,

On other side silence and loneliness  throughout settled out aliening.

Folks around wondered her gaze,

While she was trapped in her maze.

Recalling her childhood when she was a little pup,

She always had a twinkle on her face up.

That twinkle never came back,

As she was lost in her rack.

I do not know where to go,

As I was lost in my flow.

I am a little dreamy girl,  

Lost in my own world .

Gone were those days when people meandered fancily,

Chit- Chatting with others is now controlled by a virus handily.

Entire system has been switched online,

Where one expecting it to move offline.

Normal days have been switched apart,

But I still have a hope left in my heart.

It will be back again,

With flying colors everything will be attained.

I am a little dreamy girl,

Lost  in my own world.

I still have a hope left in my heart,

That things will never depart.

Be positive but test negative,

That makes Corona inactive.

                                                                                                         ------Tanmeet Kaur 

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With the dawn of the rising arena of 21st century many new things came up. A man in olden times living his life under simplicity which tremendously changed right from the scratch with this growing world.

Those things which we never dreamt of having has shown its way leading us to the golden gates of this new world of 21st century. The world where technology , innovative ideas , creativity and various other platforms have taken its way in this booming world.     

Mechanization has given us numerous ways conferring our skills out in the world in a better innovative methods. These can be bestowed through social media as one of the best way handed down by current generation. Making Ted- talk videos being a youtuber , posting up your inner ideas through blog.

Being creative has today taken its shape on a broader level. when in olden days it was considered as a first approach towards something new but in present scenario it has created a hustle and bustle between people demanding something new in market.

21st century has diversified itself in various aspects that it has flourished our pockets out with bundle of opportunities that one may not know its utilisation.

Looking up on the olden sides where people were facing hardships while mending up their ways towards becoming successful but now it has all been revolutionized with the generation gap.

Present age group being served more on plates gets no taste. One never knows where his or her destiny may lead . Its all about self- discovering. Take a deep breathe , think wisley about your goals and ideas that you wanted to achieve. Even if things make you more anxious and overthink just jott it down .

Rest it all depends how you experience your life. Never compare yourself with anyone as we do all have our own growth rates and thats OKAY!!!!!

                                                                                                            ------Tanmeet Kaur 
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The Farther we go the purest our love gets.

 Oh, my dearest lover, You are a gold ball to my happiness. Your presence lightens my surroundings like a twinking star fallen from the sky....