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The Farther we go the purest our love gets.

 Oh, my dearest lover,

You are a gold ball to my happiness.

Your presence lightens my surroundings like a twinking star fallen from the sky.

Wish we could go and touch the moon like in a fairytale where its surface cherishes our soul with a sparkle of glint.

Wish we could dance over the rainbow-like a cherub touching all its seven colors. 

I wish to see you in my dreams where music encircling around throw  some sparkle of love maximizing it to one  hundred percent. 

I see unbroken creatures around me due to bounded by your love. 

I wish to go back when we met for the first time, barely knowing each other started with a smile. 

I wish to dance with you in the rain where every droplet touching the surface cleans away all the cynical thoughts between us. 

Even the devils look like angels with you.

When i see you other areas gets dark only your face shines up in front of me like a silver light. 

Your soul is my soul , do not  let it go like a flowing water . 

Wherever you are I hope to see you soon with lots of love  and happiness

The farther we go, the purest our love gets. 



                                     An Open letter to all my fellows Living on Earth 

To Human Beings Living on Earth 

Date- Everyday 

Subject- Sensing out the despondency and lost world from my heart.

I am writing this letter to all my fellows living on this beautiful earth with abundance  of oxygen to breath, wild creatures and aesthetic beauty to admire. I urge you all to enjoy this beauty to the fullest making it worth memorable till your end . This land is exquisite on every mark with perfections of beauty given at every point which must be endured fruitfully. But this beauty has been ripped off with growing time.

 Deforestation done at every point , cutting the supply of fresh air through global warming , my wild creatures which are on the verge of extinction due to human intervene  , plastic bags thrown away and what not. Sea and land animals both have lost their habitat due to depletion of forest belt and sea filled up with oil pipeline spill leaking around. 

What you give to others will ultimately return in your bag one day. So it is  with nature to large extent. Wild creatures, little insects , chirping of birds, sunny evenings, vibrant colours of candy fluffy clouds, Shady trees,abundance  of raw material  and cool wind breezing  are some attributes of  nature that have been in existence over billion years. But due to growing population these things which i proudly embrace upon myself are no longer to some extent. My Sweet fellow mates such as species and small little buddies are no longer  existing. Which pours my heart into ashes having given you so much in bulk. This repercussion was not expected from you human beings ruling on earth.  

Every night of mine is turned into melancholy and despondency. I cannot breath  properly in this polluted environment adulterating my inner breathing  pipes. I cannot feel cool breeze encircling around me or warm air heading over my brain. This cycle has lost its stability due to imbalance of  Nature. 

I do not know where to go as i am lost in the world full of skyscrapers and tall buildings where i can see people rushing around. Hardly I see  any green road  where people enjoying and children playing and jumping in a tree house. My flowers are sad enough to gloom. My fellow mates with whom i spent my time the most are all dead and now rest in peace. 

At last this is a reminder and a request to all my friends living on earth to fill up my bruises as quickly as possible whose consequences would be unknown. This healing should be done in order to cherish yourself  with blooming flowers and aesthetic beauty to admire. Humans must know how to co-exist with nature . One does not know  how long will i live so before that set a reminder to plant trees and give back all my belongings. This world is incomplete without Mother Nature and its creature which has diversified this planet to the utmost. 

I would be thankful to all those who would look into this matter at its earliest. Hope to see you soon in a better world.


Mother Nature

                                                                      TANMEET KAUR

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The Power Of Identifying Yourself.


Down the ages the human race has carried a very complex mindset. Gifted with many traits and characters which are often difficult to identify. We all know about our dislikes and likes clearly but eventually makes us confused sometimes. The day you come to know yourself better , faster the things will grasp your way. So it all depends how you explore the globe. It’s very easy to give a long lecture  on someone's behaviour and traits . But before that one must know him/her self better.   

There are multiple moods lying over our head which often ends up in a mood swing. Our disposition is broadly divided into three categories which are Extrovert , Ambivert and Introvert. It depends upon your nature and the power that you hold which fits you best in one of these.  People usually think it's better  taking a Psychological test as an easy way to know their hidden character. But that may not be one hundred percent accurate involving only certain questions or a short quiz; it's nothing but giving a false hope. 

Carl Gustav Jung  a Psychologist based in Switzerland coined the term Extrovert and introvert in 1920. In which he said Extroverts gather energy through extensive contact from outside whereas Introverts retain their phys-chic energy inside. In addition to this another psychologist Hans Eysenck in 1960  made his point in Carl's' theory that reserved  Introverts have high level of mental energy resulting in better brain function  on other hand Extroverts end up in poor functioning of brain with less neuron activity due to excessively enhancing their energy socially. 

According to my opinion one must know his / her traits for better understanding. Whether a person is ambivert , extrovert or introvert it doesn't make any difference. People think that being an introvert is obsolete having no contact with the outer world . But studies have shown that introverts are  highly logical in thinking and use deep process thoughts when applying ideas in the work arena in comparison to extroverts who  use a quick and fastest way of approach. Introverts are not antisocial but often need to recharge their batteries when conversation becomes complex and exhausting. They prefer going somewhere in parks where peace or complete isolation is involved. Harmonising themselves through self belief and regaining their energy through inner soul . Extroverts quickly adapt their surrounding aura maximising their vitality by  engaging themselves in colloquy. They are people who need to lay a little stress on  their brain functioning due to less logical adaptability and  lack of deep thought process. But the source of regaining their zeal are people. 

People  who lie in between them are ambiverts who quickly change themselves accordingly and also don't forget when  laying out their point  through self belief  highlighting the introverted side. Ambiverts are human characters  with the funniest and shy side .They know  how to balance socially and internally . Extroverts don't usually mix and match with introverts . They easily put  faith on people and lack in self-believe doubting their worth ending up in losing themselves. They don't really know who they are . Whereas Introverts know how to motivate themselves on their own. These people easily don't put people on their plates rather first need some time to acclimatise with the aerosphere . At last Ambivert who is in the middle of these holds up both  the qualities. 

Many Researchers and  studies found  that people are not exactly either Extrovert , Introvert or Ambivert but rather choose their idiosyncrasy by observing things around them and how they experience it decides their identity. Things would have been on the next level when people start admiring their original hidden traits inside rather embedding something superficial. What do you think?




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How society stereotype women ?


People down the ages have categorised women variously. They have been termed pests, gold-diggers and what not. We have created a wall between both genders making parity next to impossible. We have completely neglected the critical role women can play in human advancement. The society has treated her as a mere chattel. Men still keep under the wraps fearing her earning ability may rip off their masculinity. It is surprising humanity carries this baggage into the 21st century as well. 

Unfortunately, women have always been looked upon as living off men’s money. It is not only despicable but downright outrageous. She is never supposed to be mature. She is merely treated as someone having a childish mindset. Financial independence is out of the question for her. 

Women were not born with the label "WEAK AND FRAGILE"; we gave her this tag. This calls for serious introspection and reflection. 

Living in a multicultural society demands fine art of balancing the interests of both genders. What is required is a change in the mindset. The rest will take care of itself. There is a long list of do’s and don’ts for women while men go scotfree. What to wear and how to conduct oneself simply cannot be imposed. 

It is a fact that as genders we are born with certain competencies. What women are good at, not necessarily men will also be and vice versa. But it does not mean that so-called male domains are out of bounds for women. They can be fighter pilots and astronauts. They can be in combat roles in the armed forces. Who can stop them? They can be anything under the sun. Women have already registered their thumping presence in almost every sphere of human undertaking. 

Advertisements for washing powder, spices and other household items mostly go to women because they better promote them. We say we live in a globalised world touching every society but what about gender equality, equal pay raise and a lot more. A case in point is the portrayal of women in music and production houses in an illogical manner where a guy sings about a specific brand such as Gucci or Prada and a woman is shown asking him to buy her gifts and luxurious brands. Does it not amount to underestimating a woman’s buying capacity? Showing women looking for men to give them rides in their luxury cars is complete disregard of her individuality. 

The world is in dire need of a protocol to bring about actual gender parity. What do you think? 



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Illusive world may be a reality post corona

The raging corona pandemic has given us lessons for a lifetime. People have begun to hallucinate about a fantasy world after the virus has finally disappeared. I have been mulling over the idea for quite some time now. I have thought about a world full of wonders if this fantasy become a reality. There will be no disparity, inequality and discrimination. The parochial mindset will be a thing of the past. There will be no divisions in the name of colour, creed, gender and religion. 

In my scheme of things, an organisation named One Planet will come into existence. The denizens of the world will be allotted a name each (no second name). Two persons having identical names will be given a number each. The idea of nation-state which has wreaked havoc for centuries untold will be done away with. Instead, it will be One World, One Government (as propounded by Bertrand Russell). There will be no absolute power. There will be no borders, no coercive army to grab territories. There will be free movement across continents. Animal rights will be respected. There will be no divide between the rich and the poor. The wealth will be distributed equally. There will be no political dispensation. The World Government will comprise Agents of Change, not ministers with their selfish agendas. There will be sensitivity all around. The idea of violence or intent to hurt will be conspicuous by its absence. The right to live with dignity will be the buzzword. The resources will be freely available to all. Honest labour will be rewarded. People will be paid based on the amount of work they do. The scamsters and swindlers will have no say. Everything will function as per the rule book. Every activity will be digitally monitored. Any wrong-doing will be detected in nano seconds and the guilty punished. Exemplary punishment will act as a deterrent. The humanity will realise the importance of virtues. Love, respect, cooperation and coordination will be in vogue. Man will understand the significance of hierarchy. Man will revert back to Nature. Corona will have taught humans to respect ecology. People will live in harmony and with fellow feeling.     

The idea may look far-fetched but who knows an assembly of enlightened and sensitive beings is waiting to start a new world order. What do you think?

                                                                                                                   ------Tanmeet Kaur 
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Mom’s ringing lesson


Mom: (in a sweet voice) Honey, can you pick up your clothes from the bed? It’s been 3 hours since I told you.
Me: (lazily) Yeah mom, just give me 10 minutes. I’ll clean up the mess. 
Me: (after an hour) Where are my clothes?

Mom: (whispering behind the door) I threw them away in the dustbin.
Me: (taking out clothes from the dustbin) Oh, gosh! They are all dirty and stink. What do I do
now? Do I have to wash them on my own?
Mom: Congratulations!
Me: (surprised) What do you mean?
Mom: You have successfully taken out your clothes from the dustbin. Now go and wash them.
Me: Noooooo, this is terrible. How is it possible for me who has never cared to look at a washing
machine in my life?
Mom: Honey, can you please look after this tub until it fills as I am going out for a walk.
Me: Yeah, sure mom, why not?
Mom returns while I have already watched Netflix for two hours back to back.
Mom: Hey, I am back. Hope you did your job?
Me: (whispering) Oh God! What, hell!
The tub was already overflowing, with water entering the room wetting carpets and clothes lying
on the floor.
Mom: (yelling) You are good for nothing. Won’t give any work ever?
Me: (feeling happy) What a great job I did doing nothing! Now I won’t have to do household
chores anymore. Good riddance!
Mom: It was a test to know how responsible you are. From now on, you will look after
everything right from buying groceries to paying bills.
Me: (happiness reduced to ashes) I am pushed to the….

                                                                                                                     ------Tanmeet Kaur 
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Growing Fashion Among Youth

Fashion has created a booming competition among today's youth. It is changing over time rapidly and highly recognised. It is a rage with the youth. Elegance and decent attitude is preferred in the society, especially by adults working in multinational companies. Cool, funky clothes with vibrant colours, messy designing are embroidered with heavy coat of design and shiny material. Fashion came into the mainstream somewhere in the 20th century when ladies started wearing long skirts and printed tops with bob cut. On the other hand, men were wearing high hats, long jackets down to the knees, walking stick as an accessory and boots.

At the same time, fashion touched another dimension with the hairstyle in vogue, applying heavy
make-up, matching footwear and accessories such as heavy gold coloured watches, shades,
funky belts, holding up cigarettes, heavy chains and what not.

Teenagers are more self-cautious for their appearance in public. It is a race going among peers to
look prettier. People spend loads of money buying trendy clothes and beauty products ending up
in empty pockets. The way you dress up in public shows your attitude and level of conduct. It is
said that your outfit and dressing style is enough for people to judge you. Style is a way to say
who you are without actually speaking about it. For instance, when a student graduating from
his school, college or university wants to sway people by his dainty look. He aims to dress more
elegantly and aesthetically on his graduation choosing decent clothes. So, here picking up clothes
appropriate to the occasion becomes fashion. Thus, it is clearly seen that anything you style
differently and admired by people and society exceptionally becomes fashion. People being
realistic in clothing often suits them most instead of wearing which is no in sync with the

There is no doubt that people change with growing fashion but, at least, once they must look into
their pockets before spending money lavishly. There are people who keep on buying clothes
stuffing up their cupboards with accessories, footwear, jewellery and lot more. It ends up in lack
of storage and throwing away loaded stuff. Think wisely before buying. Today's youth has top
level of fashion sense. They know very clearly what to wear and what not. Carefully picking up
clothes according to the event, not being overdressed, applying right amount of artificial beauty
products, matching up footwear rightly and what not. There is a lot more brainstorming done in
fashion shows and events where a fashion designer takes great pains in designing every single
detail of dress, colour, texture, number of pallets, folds, curves. People in India too are in the grip
of fashion fever where youth becoming mad at it are constantly changing with the current style
hardly considering the level of decency.

There is demand of fashion at every nook and corner of this world where everybody aims to look
as pretty as a picture. Spending hours in front of mirror looking at every angle of our body,
having wondrous fantasy intuition in mind is the current trend. Hair colour, matching shoes with
dress, owning precious jewels, using high beauty care products, buying cool trendy clothes are
some elements of fashion. This trending vogue is a virtuous platform for those who believe that
fashion is the key for your perfect outlook and facade.

Fashion is like a blowing air which changes with growing times and can be felt at best through
clothes. It must be possessed but not obsessed. One must keep in mind that having obsession is
not good. As said by William Shakespeare: “Those who surfeit with too much starve with AdSense2

                                                                                                                     ------Tanmeet Kaur 
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How COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world?

The biggest thing to rattle the world in the 21st century is COVID-19 pandemic. It struck when all seemed so fine and going. However, every century has had its fair share of pandemics. In 1918, Spanish flu claimed the lives of as many as 500 million people around the world. Black plague that lasted from 1346-1353 took a heavy toll of 100,000 lives. Swine flu was another disrupter sometime back. The world has never been the same after these pandemics engulfed humanity. The lifestyles changed dramatically and so is the case with the present calamity.

Corona Virus is a disease that is rapidly changing over time and is similar to SARS and MERS respiratory diseases. Corona is different in the sense that it uses RNA instead of DNA having spikes on its surface to invade other cells. This novel pandemic took shape in November 2019 reporting its first case at Wuhan in China and slowly spreading to the whole of Wuhan reaching up to 50 cases in December. 2020 started with a few cases but on March 11, World Health Organisation (WHO), declared it a COVID-19 a pandemic. It was in its most virulent form in March and April with cases mounting to 80,000 worldwide. It directly affects the lungs leading to severe respiratory problems. The other symptoms include dry cough, fever and fatigue. Even experts are not in a position to tell how long it will last. The normal life, however, has been adversely impacted. People lost their jobs and were plunged into abject poverty. Industries were shut down and small-scale industries adversely hit. Everything seems to be upside down socially, economically and politically. The economy of many countries has been ripped apart. Initially, people took norms of social distancing, frequent hand-washing and wearing masks seriously but have become casual with the pandemic not ending anytime soon. Stay-at-home has been a bane for them. Nobody imagined that one day we would thus be confined within the four walls of our homes. Gone are those days when we could ramble about in a carefree manner in close proximity of each other. 

There will be recession in the world market and long-term effects will be felt in many areas such as travel, tourism and hotel industry. There has been a mass exodus of workers to their hometown across India. It will affect the employers when they look for labour. The online classes have not been that effective to address the problem of loss of lessons. The future of student community hangs in balance. The clearing of doubts and conceptual clarity in the physical presence of teachers is irreplaceable. The excessive exposure to screen may affect their vision and mental health. The reduction in school fees has hit the education sector. The virus has also limited our physical activity. People are working from home without caring about their mental and physical health. How can people living in slums practise distancing? 

The top scientists have failed to develop a vaccine to fight the disease. It is a booming time for pharmaceutical industry. They are selling their products at astronomical prices. There is a mad competition among software giants to develop ever new video conferencing platforms. Online Payment Apps are doing brisk business. People have begun to prefer online deliveries and even small shops and businesses are now accepting e-payments. In a way, the rigorous attitude to accept only paper money has been broken down. This epidemic has paved the way for new beginnings. 

The direct result of staying at home has been a massive reduction in pollution. The ozone layer has begun to replenish itself. The creatures of the wild are roaming freely. The climatic conditions have improved considerably. The water is getting purified. People have suddenly realised the importance of bonding and confines of their own homes. Those who had severed all ties with their near and dear ones are texting and calling them. The lesson has been to live in peace and harmony.

The import and export business has come to a virtual standstill. America is the worst hit country with the highest number of deaths and ever increasing rate of infection. They failed to act in time and President Donald Trump announced publicly the virus would disappear one day magically. They are bearing the brunt of a lackadaisical response to the pandemic. It was already out of control before they enforced lockdown measures. Even the basic norms of protection were not taken seriously. On the other hand, China was very quick to act and impose strict restrictions. South Korea was another success story. Prime Minister Modi of India led from the front and enforced lockdown measures to the betterment of all citizens. 

Corona virus has left us all devastated but also given lessons for a lifetime. It is up to us how we look at it and implement them in our lives.

   ------Tanmeet Kaur 
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I believe that karma is something that you create on your own but it may not be entirely on your side. What seeds you sow in your ground are the ones that determine your life. So never say that you have a bad life because it is something that you did in past. Your past actions are accountable towards your future. I firmly believe what you do in the present would determine your future but sometime it may not work as planned. We are a part of the whole or a link in the chain. It is said that what goes around comes around.

People usually say that they are not blessed, facing hardships randomly which often demotivate them, but never forget that it is the human race that is more advanced than any other one. We are blessed with a host of gifts including a voice to speak out, faculty to express your emotions and a subtle mind. We do not know after how many sacrifices, struggles and years we got this diversified human life to live. We must thank God for getting this wonderful life where we could breathe, walk, dance and what not. One never knows where one’s karma would end up. 

People usually get disturbed with sudden changes that happen around ending up in stress and anxiety and often curse their karma for not doing enough. Remember nothing is impossible on this earth. We may think that there won’t be any rain today as there is a bright sunny sky but, all of a sudden, it starts raining without any indication. This is how karma works sometime. You won’t know what hidden transformation karma would do for your good. Everything happens for a good reason. Be a game-changer and learn how to adapt to the changes happening in your life. Karma may not be 100% with us.

 For example, one person is putting in hard work whereas another is not even giving any input or output as far as his work is concerned. Here karma blesses him with good result. So, how can you say that karma is entirely with you? It’s all fantasy things that we create in our mind believing that karma would definitely work but ends up in something else. Life is uncertain. Anything can happen; even those which we never dreamt. But somewhere karma gives you the result based on your past actions. Your life can drastically change by doing good deeds, putting in 100% hard work, being clear with your goals and loving the work you are doing. Never stop believing in yourself! As you sow, so shall you reap. It may take some time for the right crop to be ready but reap you will. 

                                                                                                                  ------Tanmeet Kaur 
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The word DREAMS itself means infinite. Its a world full of unimaginable wildy creatures. Every person on this planet have a life full of dreams and hopes. A person who have a real aspiration driven inside his soul is the one with more power and wings to chase them. One must dive down into his dreams to live with them in reality. Dream is nothing but a fantasy world where you may live freely even if your life is hard and full of pain. 

Its a land where your little inner world comes into real existence. Its all in your hands how you mould it and in what direction. Dream is like an experience involving the apparent perception of something not present giving you a way to live in an extraordinary world. Its a place where your deeply embedded feelings, emotions and inner notions are cherished irrespective of any judgment.

Dreams are like stars . You know you can never meet the stars or feel them but still have a believe to get down on it. I too have a dream which aims to fly high. A beam of a golden light shines inside my soul full of hallucinations and fantasy world which gives me hope and desire to reach that peak of level where i can see my land of dreams. This beam will never fade away until my journey is over. No matter how many steps it counts to attain that level just keep on  pushing yourself forward. I still have a hope that day is not so far where i will be living in my dreamy world. Dedication and persistent is the deadliest combination for hunting down your dreams. 

As rightly said by Matshona Dhilwayo , "it is a birds imagination, not its wings, that determines how high it can fly." There may be hundreds and thousands of hurdles on the path where you walk but never stop chasing your dreams. Grab them tightly so that they are never apart. 

Dream until your imagination runs wild giving you a belief that the world itself is a dreamland. I dream in such a way that happiness comes in my life forgetting my tears and hope for the best. When life gives you lemons make lemonade out of it which clearly states that  optimism must be turned into positivity and desire to attain something even if life gives you hundred reasons to cry. 

Up to the sky,
My dream is to fly.
Over the rainbow,
So high. 
                                                                                                                       ------Tanmeet Kaur 
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I am a little dreamy girl,

Lost in my own world.

I do not where to go,

As I was lost in my flow.

Where other children sitting home around ,

I was wandering in my battleground.

I wish to go out in streets,   

But this pandemic could greet.

Everyone on this planet aims to reach high,

Whereas there was a hope whether I could fly.

I do not know  where to go,

As I was lost in my flow.

I could not go at any ones place,

Thinking social distancing could make it waste.  

Cool breeze and chirping of birds gave a glory to this evening,

On other side silence and loneliness  throughout settled out aliening.

Folks around wondered her gaze,

While she was trapped in her maze.

Recalling her childhood when she was a little pup,

She always had a twinkle on her face up.

That twinkle never came back,

As she was lost in her rack.

I do not know where to go,

As I was lost in my flow.

I am a little dreamy girl,  

Lost in my own world .

Gone were those days when people meandered fancily,

Chit- Chatting with others is now controlled by a virus handily.

Entire system has been switched online,

Where one expecting it to move offline.

Normal days have been switched apart,

But I still have a hope left in my heart.

It will be back again,

With flying colors everything will be attained.

I am a little dreamy girl,

Lost  in my own world.

I still have a hope left in my heart,

That things will never depart.

Be positive but test negative,

That makes Corona inactive.

                                                                                                         ------Tanmeet Kaur 

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With the dawn of the rising arena of 21st century many new things came up. A man in olden times living his life under simplicity which tremendously changed right from the scratch with this growing world.

Those things which we never dreamt of having has shown its way leading us to the golden gates of this new world of 21st century. The world where technology , innovative ideas , creativity and various other platforms have taken its way in this booming world.     

Mechanization has given us numerous ways conferring our skills out in the world in a better innovative methods. These can be bestowed through social media as one of the best way handed down by current generation. Making Ted- talk videos being a youtuber , posting up your inner ideas through blog.

Being creative has today taken its shape on a broader level. when in olden days it was considered as a first approach towards something new but in present scenario it has created a hustle and bustle between people demanding something new in market.

21st century has diversified itself in various aspects that it has flourished our pockets out with bundle of opportunities that one may not know its utilisation.

Looking up on the olden sides where people were facing hardships while mending up their ways towards becoming successful but now it has all been revolutionized with the generation gap.

Present age group being served more on plates gets no taste. One never knows where his or her destiny may lead . Its all about self- discovering. Take a deep breathe , think wisley about your goals and ideas that you wanted to achieve. Even if things make you more anxious and overthink just jott it down .

Rest it all depends how you experience your life. Never compare yourself with anyone as we do all have our own growth rates and thats OKAY!!!!!

                                                                                                            ------Tanmeet Kaur 
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The Farther we go the purest our love gets.

 Oh, my dearest lover, You are a gold ball to my happiness. Your presence lightens my surroundings like a twinking star fallen from the sky....