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With the dawn of the rising arena of 21st century many new things came up. A man in olden times living his life under simplicity which tremendously changed right from the scratch with this growing world.

Those things which we never dreamt of having has shown its way leading us to the golden gates of this new world of 21st century. The world where technology , innovative ideas , creativity and various other platforms have taken its way in this booming world.     

Mechanization has given us numerous ways conferring our skills out in the world in a better innovative methods. These can be bestowed through social media as one of the best way handed down by current generation. Making Ted- talk videos being a youtuber , posting up your inner ideas through blog.

Being creative has today taken its shape on a broader level. when in olden days it was considered as a first approach towards something new but in present scenario it has created a hustle and bustle between people demanding something new in market.

21st century has diversified itself in various aspects that it has flourished our pockets out with bundle of opportunities that one may not know its utilisation.

Looking up on the olden sides where people were facing hardships while mending up their ways towards becoming successful but now it has all been revolutionized with the generation gap.

Present age group being served more on plates gets no taste. One never knows where his or her destiny may lead . Its all about self- discovering. Take a deep breathe , think wisley about your goals and ideas that you wanted to achieve. Even if things make you more anxious and overthink just jott it down .

Rest it all depends how you experience your life. Never compare yourself with anyone as we do all have our own growth rates and thats OKAY!!!!!

                                                                                                            ------Tanmeet Kaur 
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