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Mom’s ringing lesson


Mom: (in a sweet voice) Honey, can you pick up your clothes from the bed? It’s been 3 hours since I told you.
Me: (lazily) Yeah mom, just give me 10 minutes. I’ll clean up the mess. 
Me: (after an hour) Where are my clothes?

Mom: (whispering behind the door) I threw them away in the dustbin.
Me: (taking out clothes from the dustbin) Oh, gosh! They are all dirty and stink. What do I do
now? Do I have to wash them on my own?
Mom: Congratulations!
Me: (surprised) What do you mean?
Mom: You have successfully taken out your clothes from the dustbin. Now go and wash them.
Me: Noooooo, this is terrible. How is it possible for me who has never cared to look at a washing
machine in my life?
Mom: Honey, can you please look after this tub until it fills as I am going out for a walk.
Me: Yeah, sure mom, why not?
Mom returns while I have already watched Netflix for two hours back to back.
Mom: Hey, I am back. Hope you did your job?
Me: (whispering) Oh God! What, hell!
The tub was already overflowing, with water entering the room wetting carpets and clothes lying
on the floor.
Mom: (yelling) You are good for nothing. Won’t give any work ever?
Me: (feeling happy) What a great job I did doing nothing! Now I won’t have to do household
chores anymore. Good riddance!
Mom: It was a test to know how responsible you are. From now on, you will look after
everything right from buying groceries to paying bills.
Me: (happiness reduced to ashes) I am pushed to the….

                                                                                                                     ------Tanmeet Kaur 
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  1. A very different story and a good lesson

  2. U r still the same,as ur mommy is too far from u in real 🌟tanme🌟


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