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                                     An Open letter to all my fellows Living on Earth 

To Human Beings Living on Earth 

Date- Everyday 

Subject- Sensing out the despondency and lost world from my heart.

I am writing this letter to all my fellows living on this beautiful earth with abundance  of oxygen to breath, wild creatures and aesthetic beauty to admire. I urge you all to enjoy this beauty to the fullest making it worth memorable till your end . This land is exquisite on every mark with perfections of beauty given at every point which must be endured fruitfully. But this beauty has been ripped off with growing time.

 Deforestation done at every point , cutting the supply of fresh air through global warming , my wild creatures which are on the verge of extinction due to human intervene  , plastic bags thrown away and what not. Sea and land animals both have lost their habitat due to depletion of forest belt and sea filled up with oil pipeline spill leaking around. 

What you give to others will ultimately return in your bag one day. So it is  with nature to large extent. Wild creatures, little insects , chirping of birds, sunny evenings, vibrant colours of candy fluffy clouds, Shady trees,abundance  of raw material  and cool wind breezing  are some attributes of  nature that have been in existence over billion years. But due to growing population these things which i proudly embrace upon myself are no longer to some extent. My Sweet fellow mates such as species and small little buddies are no longer  existing. Which pours my heart into ashes having given you so much in bulk. This repercussion was not expected from you human beings ruling on earth.  

Every night of mine is turned into melancholy and despondency. I cannot breath  properly in this polluted environment adulterating my inner breathing  pipes. I cannot feel cool breeze encircling around me or warm air heading over my brain. This cycle has lost its stability due to imbalance of  Nature. 

I do not know where to go as i am lost in the world full of skyscrapers and tall buildings where i can see people rushing around. Hardly I see  any green road  where people enjoying and children playing and jumping in a tree house. My flowers are sad enough to gloom. My fellow mates with whom i spent my time the most are all dead and now rest in peace. 

At last this is a reminder and a request to all my friends living on earth to fill up my bruises as quickly as possible whose consequences would be unknown. This healing should be done in order to cherish yourself  with blooming flowers and aesthetic beauty to admire. Humans must know how to co-exist with nature . One does not know  how long will i live so before that set a reminder to plant trees and give back all my belongings. This world is incomplete without Mother Nature and its creature which has diversified this planet to the utmost. 

I would be thankful to all those who would look into this matter at its earliest. Hope to see you soon in a better world.


Mother Nature

                                                                      TANMEET KAUR

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